Final days to donate to CCFD this year
November 8, 2023 9:01 AM

Dear Colleagues,

As we enter this final week of the 2023 Campus Charitable Fund Drive, I want to express my sincere gratitude to every one of you who has made a gift that will support others in our community and beyond. This time of year always demonstrates our generous hearts and kind compassion through giving here at Illinois.

There are still three days left to join your colleagues and coworkers across campus to make a contribution to non-profit organizations here, in our state and around the world. The campaign will close at the end of the workday on November 15, so you still have time to make a one-time gift or enroll in the automatic payroll deduction. It only takes a few minutes and can easily be done by following this link.

With all the turmoil in the world and challenges our economy is facing, I am humbled by those who have chosen to contribute toward a multitude of charitable causes. This selfless act has allowed us to surpass the $1 million mark. What a tremendous achievement!

Finally, I offer a special thanks to the approximately 200 unit and section leaders who have served as liaisons between their colleges or departments and the CCFD staff to provide the support and motivation that has made this campaign a success. We would not have raised this dollar amount without their diligent efforts.

Thank you all so much for your investments in important causes through the Campus Charitable Fund Drive.


Robert J. Jones

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