University & area businesses invest to fight local crime
July 11, 2022 10:01 AM

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students,

I am pleased to announce the university is partnering with local businesses and organizations to invest $300,000 to fight violent crime in Champaign County.

The funds, named Investment for Impact, will be allocated to the United Way of Champaign County to address immediate solutions to violent crime, as well as long-term solutions to address underlying factors and patterns that lead to future violent behavior. We are joined by Busey Bank, Carle Health, Christie Clinic, OSF HealthCare and the United Way of Champaign County, each of which is investing $50,000. Read more about this commitment here.

In the past few years, our community has seen a rise in violent crime, especially among youth and young adults. Our county is not alone in this issue: National data show an increase in violent crime across communities in the United States. And while the rise in community violence is national, solutions must be local.

Through a variety of programs and services, we will give children – especially those from under-resourced neighborhoods or living in high-poverty conditions – the help they need and deserve. Fostering social connectedness and belonging among youth in our community is an integral part of disrupting the cycle of violence. We will do this by supporting youth development programs and afterschool and summer programming that focuses on academics and attendance , as well as programming that builds social-emotional persistence and intelligence. We will work to stop violence and promote safety by emphasizing enforcement, street-based violence interruption, trauma and emotional supports, family engagement and wrap-around supports.

Investment for Impact further strengthens the university’s Call to Action to Address Racism and Social Injustice and builds on the work done by the Campus-Community Compact to Accelerate Social Justice, which works with the cities and community organizations to combat systemic racism in our community. There are six focus areas: accessible technology; community relations; economic development; health, wealth and resilience; inclusive education and workforce development.

Businesses and organizations and their leaders have a responsibility and an obligation to lift up and advance the communities in which they live and work. We are coming together to do our part by supporting with words, actions and financial support.

In addition to the organizational investment, individuals are also welcome to support this effort. Funds are managed and administered by United Way. Learn more at their Victory over Violence webpage.

Investment for Impact is our commitment to invest in these efforts to continue to change our community for the better. Together, we can make a difference.


Robert J. Jones

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