Traffic safety for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians
October 6, 2023 9:01 AM

Dear campus community member:

The Division of Public Safety has received numerous communications about bicycles and scooters traveling the wrong way on one-way streets, pedestrians disobeying signals or walking in the street, and motorists driving aggressively or not allowing at least three feet of space while passing bicyclists.

These traffic violations have directly resulted in several accidents since the beginning of this semester, with a number of those resulting in serious injury. In response, the University of Illinois Police Department has increased enforcement of traffic laws as an effort to remind people about safe ways to use the road. We will continue to do so, and we will use this as an opportunity for traffic safety education.

Traffic accidents are among the most common ways that our community members get physically injured on campus, which is why we take this issue so seriously. We implore our community members to follow these steps:

  • Review resources provided by the Illinois Secretary of State regarding safe driving, bicycle rules of the road, bicycle safety tips and Scott’s Law.
  • Share the road. Everyone has a right to use roadways. Always be courteous and give each other space.
  • When operating in the roadway, electric and non-electric bicycles and electric scooters are required to follow the same laws as vehicles, like obeying traffic signals, stop signs, and using one-way streets in the correct direction.
  • Pedestrians must stay attentive, obeying traffic signals as well as walking directions and street markings. Do not cross streets diagonally unless street markings allow it. Keep your eyes up and be aware of who and what is around you.
  • Do not text or otherwise use your cell phone while driving, biking, using a skateboard or walking across a street.
  • Use the appropriate safety equipment for your mode of transportation, including seatbelts, helmets and lights.
  • Move over and slow down for emergency vehicles. Illinois law requires you to change to a lane away from emergency workers when safe to do so. If you cannot change lanes, you must slow down.
  • Drive, ride and walk defensively. Do not assume that another person will obey the laws.

This part of the year is a peak time for people to be outdoors on campus – particularly on bicycles, on scooters and as pedestrians. While we enjoy the ability to use all kinds of transportation modes on our campus, it is imperative that we do so safely, considerately and legally.


Matt Ballinger
Interim Executive Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police

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