Procedures for emergency notification, response and evacuation
October 10, 2022 8:01 AM

Dear campus community member:

In order to maintain an effective emergency response and evacuation plan, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign recently completed a test including two components: a drill and an exercise. The test was designed to challenge our emergency response procedures and how we notify you of a threat to our campus community. We are informing you of these efforts so you have more information about our plans to protect you in the event of an emergency, and to comply with disclosure mandates set forth in the federal Clery Act.

On Sept. 6, we initiated a test of our Illini-Alert emergency notification system. The drill was announced ahead of time by a mass email to campus and an Eweek notification to faculty and staff. The Illini-Alert system sent an email to the campus email addresses of all active students, faculty and staff. Those who have registered alternate email addresses also received a notification. Those who have registered a cellphone number received a text message during this drill.

Illini-Alert messages are also posted to Twitter and digital signage throughout campus buildings. This approach increases the speed and breadth of our distribution of emergency notifications, and it provides alternate notification methods that will continue to function even if one system fails to work properly.

For the second component, university stakeholders and emergency responders gathered on Sept. 23 at Illinois Fire Service Institute and virtually for a functional exercise. Those involved were presented with a scenario involving a hypothetical “complex coordinated attack” and active shooter event affecting the campus. The exercise tested various components of the Campus Emergency Operations Plan, including evacuation procedures.

This test was conducted to ensure we have a robust response plan in the event of a campus emergency, and that our notifications will reach you in a timely and effective manner. If you have not signed up to receive Illini-Alert text messages, please visit to register.

To view the university’s emergency response and evacuation procedures, please visit

The Division of Public Safety is committed to maintaining a safe and secure campus environment where education, research and public service can flourish. We can only do so with the assistance of our community, and we hope this information is useful to our campus partners.


Brian R. Brauer

Executive Director of Emergency Management

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