Information on registering to vote, completing the 2020 census
September 23, 2020 2:17 PM

Dear students, faculty and staff:

With an election rapidly approaching and the 2020 census drawing to a conclusion, we are living at an important time of substantial civic responsibility that gives us the opportunity to help shape the state and nation.

We encourage all eligible students, faculty and staff to register to vote in the Nov. 3 national and local elections, and to participate in the 2020 census to help ensure an accurate count of our nation’s population. Early voting begins in Illinois tomorrow and is already underway in other areas of the country. And there is still time to complete the census by the Sept. 30 deadline and ensure that the areas in which we live are fairly represented in Congress and receive their share of vital federal funding.

Voter registration
Each of the University of Illinois System universities provides resources on how to register to vote, registration deadlines and more. Please see the campus links below for information:

The 2020 census
The once-a-decade census helps determine how billions of dollars in federal funding flow into states and communities each year, including funds for federal financial aid, agriculture, science and engineering education, student wellness programs and community mental health services. The results also determine how many seats each state holds in the U.S. House of Representatives. Please see the links below for information on how to complete the census:

This is our opportunity to be active participants in our democracy, and we hope you will all join us in exercising your civic responsibility and contributing to a greater public good.

Tim Killeen

Barb Wilson
Executive President and Vice President for Academic Affairs


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