The Office of Business and Financial Services (OBFS) is pleased to announce the implementation of a new on-line system for processing travel and other employee reimbursements and certain other payments.  The Travel and Expense Management (TEM) system has been in pilot phase for two months and will be rolling out to all employees and all units of the University with a target completion date of June 1, 2012.  Individuals and units that currently request travel or miscellaneous reimbursements or are responsible for managing travel budget and miscellaneous invoice payments will be using this new electronic system.

TEM is a web-based system that can be accessed from anywhere at any time for the purpose of submitting, approving, and tracking requests for employee travel and miscellaneous reimbursements, any department-required pre-trip approvals, and non-purchase order payments to vendors.  Built-in logic regarding state travel rules will speed up the process and lead to more error-free submissions.  

A new University travel card (T-Card) will be rolled out with the TEM system and will be available to a limited number of qualified employees, as approved by their units, who travel frequently.  By using the T-Card, employees will be able to limit out-of-pocket travel related expenses.  

An OBFS representative will contact each department approximately six to eight weeks before their implementation date to provide internal communication, system demonstrations, training options, Travel Card (T-Card) process information, and other implementation support.  The department's Unit Security Contact (USC) will work with each employee for access to the system.  

For additional information about TEM, go to the OBFS website and select the TEM Resource Page link listed under Business Travel or Payments.


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