TO: All Faculty, Staff and Students

FROM: Jack Dempsey, Executive Director of Facilities & Services

DATE: January 12, 2012

RE: Ice and Snow Removal

With the arrival of winter, some amount of snow and ice can be expected. During snow and ice events, Facilities & Services (F&S) will work diligently to keep the campus open and accessible for students, faculty, and staff. Typically, it takes a few days to complete snow removal after a 'normal two-inch snow.' Crews will work as quickly as possible to clear the building entrances, streets, lots, and sidewalks. However, aggravating factors such as wind, snow density, icing, and campus occupancy can add to the time necessary to complete the job.

As in previous years, priority is given to handicapped spaces, food service docks, McKinley Health Center, Veterinary Medicine facilities and other critical areas. Also, ADA entrances will be cleared edge to edge while other building entrances will be cleared the width of the entryway. Roads and emergency routes take priority over parking lots. If your assigned parking areas are not accessible in a snow emergency, please use designated emergency lots and the MTD. (For Additional Information see 'Where to Park During a Snow Event' at Parking in unplowed lots further complicates and delays snow removal efforts.

Campus snow removal is a carefully planned, cooperative effort involving multiple F&S crews and the cities of Champaign and Urbana. We will make every effort to keep the campus community updated during snow events. Your patience and consideration are appreciated while crews do their best to clear snow and ice this winter.


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