On Monday, February 13, 2012, we will enter into the bridge period of Unified Communications - Voice.  During this period, faculty and staff members will have the ability to test the individual voice component of Unified Communications (Lync) while still having the use of your desk phone.

Please consider these points in preparation for your UC voice activation:

1. Only faculty and staff members that were submitted by unit technology staff to CITES will be activated for the bridge period.  Activations will happen throughout the day, thus if you find that you have not been activated by Tuesday, February 14th, please contact your unit technology staff member.

2. To check your activation status, you may login to the MyUC page to see your account status (http://uc.illinois.edu/myuc).

3. To begin using UC voice on activation day, you must have a Microsoft Lync client installed on your computer.  The client can be downloaded for free from the WebStore (http://uc.illinois.edu/lync/software).

4. On activation day, you will receive an email confirming that you have been activated, and that email will include how to setup your voicemail, an acknowledgement form for E911 and various other pieces of information that are important to read and understand.

5. You can visit the UC website (http://uc.illinois.edu/) for video tutorials and also sign up for training classes via the link on the UC main page.  This page also has many other features to help you through Unified Communications such as an announcement blog (http://uc.illinois.edu/blog).

6. Please also note that all users of Lync during the bridge period will need to be aware of information pertaining to E911, which can be found on the E911 page (http://uc.illinois.edu/e911).  Each user must fill out an acknowledgement form acknowledging that they have read the E911 information before beginning to use Lync.

7. Also, please note that we will be adding a new 217-300-XXXX set of numbers to the set of University owned numbers.

8. Lastly, the bridge period will also provide an opportunity for all users to begin exploring the other built-in collaboration capacities that Lync will provide in terms of instant messaging, video (and audio) conferencing, and screen-sharing.

More details on the bridge period can be found on the bridge page:

CITES would like to once again thank campus for your incredible partnership in the implementation of this Unified Communications project.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact consult@illinois.edu or 217-244-7000.

The CITES UC Program Office


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