Mourning with the Michigan State family today
February 14, 2023 11:14 AM

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

We are all grieving with our colleagues and friends in East Lansing following last night’s mass shooting at Michigan State University. This is a university with which we have close connections and a community that feels like our own in many ways. No words can adequately express our sadness for the family and friends of those whose lives were taken and for those who were wounded.

It is an extremely sad and disheartening truth that in today’s society, universities and communities like ours make plans and practice responses to unthinkable events. We have done this at Illinois, and our administration and first responders conduct exercises to test how we would implement those plans across a variety of possible scenarios. We all hope that we never have to exercise these plans. Last night, MSU’s planning led to the rapid and focused response of university and community first responders. Their efforts prepared and guided the actions of all the students, staff and faculty even in a moment of intense distress and crisis and prevented even more injuries and greater loss of life. The response of the entire Michigan State community to protect one another in the most difficult circumstances most of us can imagine is truly admirable.

We all realize that today will bring the first hard steps from this tragedy for all of the MSU family. They are grieving those who lost their lives. They are worrying for those who were injured and still face medical challenges. They are trying to understand how anyone could ever commit such an act of senseless violence. And I think many must be wondering how their community can heal and recover. These are steps they do not have to take alone, and this is a weight all of us can help to shoulder.

The students, staff and faculty of Michigan State have long been many things to us here at Illinois. Spirited athletic rivals. Personal friends and professional colleagues. Respected academic partners and vital research collaborators. But today, first-and-foremost, they are members of our family who are in our hearts as they mourn for those killed last night and as they pray for those who were injured.


Robert J. Jones

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