Dear Colleagues:

President Hogan recently announced that the University has begun an analysis of University and campus policies related to sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and related misconduct.  As a component of this analysis, the President has requested that each campus provide an online education program to its faculty and staff.  

In response, our campus has decided to use the I-Initiative:  the Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Education Initiative.  The I-Initiative is a broad-based course that addresses not only sexual harassment and gender-based actions, but also other forms of discrimination, harassment, and inappropriate conduct based on race, sexual orientation, religion, disability, and other characteristics.  This initiative strengthens the University's commitment to educating faculty and staff on methods to prevent, identify, address, and properly report misconduct in our unique University setting.

The initiative will be implemented in several phases over the next few months.  As part of their leadership commitment to a safe and welcoming living, learning, and working environment, deans, directors, and department heads will be the first group to take the course throughout the month of March.  The gradual roll out will continue through the spring, summer, and early fall for all faculty and staff.  Your unit head will notify you when it is time for your unit to complete the course.  I have taken the course and I strongly believe that as an institution we will be strengthened by our collective commitment to ensuring a workplace free of discrimination and harassment.

If you have any questions about the I-Initiative, please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access at 333-0885 or  

Thank you for your efforts in making our campus a welcoming and safe place for every member of our community.


Phyllis M. Wise
Vice President, University of Illinois
Chancellor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


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