Unofficial St. Patrick's Day is rapidly approaching and as Student Body President I would like to encourage everyone to be proactive in looking out for one another.

If you see something, say something.  Do not hesitate to call 911 for any potential emergency, even if you may have consumed alcohol underage.  University Police, Champaign Police, and Urbana Police place a priority on protecting our lives and resolving the conflict at hand.

If you make the decision to participate Friday, remember these simple tips.
'         If hosting a party do not let strangers in, you may be held liable for them
'         Never get into a car with someone who is impaired
'         If you have a bad feeling about the situation, you are probably right.  Stay alert, be cautious, and do not be afraid to leave

Also keep in mind these tips when interacting with law enforcement officials as prepared by the Student Rights Sub-Committee of the Illinois Student Senate.  
'         Don't argue.  Be polite, but firm
'         You must tell an officer your correct name and address
'         Don't threaten to file a complaint
'         Don't keep a fake ID in your wallet or purse (Possession of a fake ID will cost you $320 or more)

Finally, please remember these important contacts for this weekend.

Safe Walks: 217-333-1216
MTD SafeRides: 217-265-7433
Rape Hotline: 217-355-5203
Domestic Violence Hotline: 217-384-4390

David Pileski
Student Body President
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urban & Regional Planning 2013
Association of Big Ten Students | Associate Director


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