Dear Student,

Direct Deposit enables the University of Illinois to remit your University Payroll earnings and University Student Account refunds directly into your bank account as quickly and safely as possible.  


1. Be sure to update your Direct Deposit enrollment if you change bank accounts.

2. If at any time and for any reason during your enrollment in direct deposit you decide to transfer the amount of a University of Illinois deposit to a foreign bank account, be sure to update your direct deposit enrollment as follows:

a. Select 'Yes' to the international transfer question;
b. Complete the required country and address information;
c. Click 'Enroll Direct Deposit';
d. Click 'Yes' to confirm;
e. Close browser.

To update or enroll in Direct Deposit:

Log into the UI-Integrate Self-Service website ( and complete the steps below:

'Select 'Account Billing Information'
'Select 'Direct Deposit'
'Select 'Direct Deposit Enrollment'

The University maintains strict confidentiality with all bank account information.

If you are currently not enrolled in Direct Deposit, please enroll as soon as possible.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Customer Service
University Student Financial Services and Cashier Operations


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