The Illinois Student Senate would like to invite students to provide feedback to current submissions and to offer submissions to the Campus Spirit Revival student organization's goal of proposing a new mascot to the University Administration.

Campus Spirit Revival is a student initiative searching for the next symbol for the University of Illinois, where there currently is none.

Students are encouraged to brainstorm ideas for a new symbol and/or mascot, and send in their idea in the form of a visual .jpg image (computer designed or a picture of a drawing) along with a description of it's significance to U of I, by January 27th 2013. All contest rules and information are on Facebook (, and all entries submitted will be posted in the photos section.

January 30th-February 1st, all students will be able to vote via by logging in with their netID, and selecting and ranking their top 5 favorite ideas. February 7th, results will be announced to the public, a report will be presented to the University Administration for consideration, and the $200 prize will be awarded to the top vote getter.

All contest rules are in the information section of our facebook page (

Nominations for ISS Teaching Excellence Awards, 2012-2013

Nominate up until Sunday, Jan. 27th.

The Illinois Student Senate awards five Teaching Excellence Awards every year on behalf of the Student Body. The award recipients will be recognized by the Senate at a banquet in their honor. If you had a great instructor,nominate them to receive a Teaching Excellence Award! Teaching Assistants ARE eligible to receive this award, and you may nominate more than one instructor. Nominate your excellent instructors at the link below.  

For more information about any of the above opportunities, please visit us at

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