F&S crews are continuing to remove snow and ice across the Urbana campus. Those efforts will extend into the weekend ahead of the return to in-person classes next week. This morning, campus conditions were greatly improved due to the repeated clearing passes made since Wednesday.

Almost all campus sidewalks and pathways have been cleared. Crews are now focused on scraping down the snowpack and widening areas from edge to edge. When temperatures are more favorable, F&S will apply additional brine solution and salt treatments to address persistent snow and ice areas, especially at intersections and curb cuts.

Building Entrances
Entrances are receiving ongoing attention from building service workers. Ice melt applications will be made to complement snow and ice removal activities around facilities in locations where necessary.

Parking Lots/Roads
Because of snow clearance mounds, parking lots will remain slick and more congested than typical. F&S is coordinating with the Parking Department to begin clearing those collection areas and also use heavy equipment to address any lots that experience major snowdrifts. Since the conclusion of snowfall Thursday evening, general road conditions have steadily progressed within the University District.

Variable travel conditions will still exist throughout the weekend because of below-freezing temperatures. Please use caution and slow down while walking, biking, or driving on campus, and be aware of the following:

  • Periods of sunshine will result in daytime thaws followed by possible refreezing.
  • Hard-packed snow and ice will remain on some surfaces.
  • Steps, ramps, pedestrian bridges, and elevated surfaces will remain slippery. Utilize handrails if possible.

If you have questions or to report areas needing service, contact the F&S Service Office fsserviceoffice@illinois.edu, 217-333-0340. More information is available at https://go.fs.illinois.edu/snow.

We appreciate your patience as F&S works to complete snow and ice removal for this winter weather event.

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