To All of Members of the Campus Community:

As members of the Illinois community, we join the Student Body President, Damani Bolden, in supporting Chancellor Phyllis Wise and reaffirming our commitment to the values of Inclusive Illinois: one campus, many voices and the Diversity Values Statement.

Inclusive Illinois is about institutionalizing a climate of excellence and inclusiveness at Illinois. It is about the campus community -- faculty, staff, and students -- demonstrating its commitment to valuing and respecting the intersecting identities that we all share. Inclusivity can only be accomplished through respect, positive interactions, developing relationships, education, and the sharing of our voices and perspectives.

As evidence of our commitment, we uphold a standard of conduct and behavior that is consistent with the values of inclusivity. In an environment of inclusivity, there is no place for acts of hatred, intolerance, insensitivity, bigotry, threats of violence, harassment or discrimination.

Through our collective commitment to Inclusive Illinois and the Diversity Values Statement, we hope to create one campus, of many voices, that:

  • Fosters a generation of new leaders who appreciate the values of diversity and inclusivity to our society;
  • Forges relationships between and among groups and people of different backgrounds;
  • Creates an environment accepting of difference, including those based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical ability, religion, class, and national origin;
  • Encourages healthy and civil debate across viewpoints, ideas, and beliefs;
  • Celebrates what different groups bring to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign;
  • Educates our campus community on the history and legacy of diverse populations; and
  • Actively addresses issues of hatred and intolerance when and if they arise on our campus and have the misfortune of impacting our campus community.

We encourage a new commitment to the values of Inclusive Illinois:


Inclusive Illinois Committee
Gender Equity Council
Committee on Race and Ethnicity
Committee on Access and Accommodation
Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Concerns
Advisory Committee on Diversity and Cultural Understanding
Diversity Realized at Illinois through Visioning Excellence (DRIVE) Committee

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