To:       All Urbana-Champaign Faculty

From:   Roy Campbell, Chair; Senate Executive Committee

Date:    March 10, 2014

Re:       Faculty Nominations for Search Committee to Assist in the Selection of a President

President Easter has expressed a desire to retire and the Board of Trustees is creating a search for a new permanent President. The search committee will consist of three members of the Board of Trustees, eight faculty (likely three from Urbana and Chicago and two from Springfield), three students (one from each campus), one member of the civil service staff, one member of the academic professional staff, one administrative officer of the University, one representative from the Alumni Association, and one representative of the University of Illinois Foundation. The Senates of each campus have been asked to nominate twice the number of faculty members to be selected and University Senates Conference has been asked to draw from these slates in order to recommend those who will serve.

The Trustees have asked that the search committee be constituted as soon as possible. Therefore, please send your nominees for the individuals to serve on this committee for consideration by the Senate Committee on Committees of the Senate of the Urbana-Champaign Campus.

Please submit names, email from them of their willingness to serve, and the bios of your nominees by midnight on Thursday, March 13. Nominees who are placed on the final slate must be willing to attend search committee related meetings in the period April to December including overnight interview meetings near major airports. They should provide a brief (up to 150 word) biographical statement including their faculty appointment information (rank and unit affiliation), years of service, previous appointments, campus/University service, and previous search committee experience.

We encourage nominees from the varied disciplines and who represent the diversity on campus. The Senate Committee on Committees will present a slate of candidates to the Senate for final selection by electronic ballot. The online Senate election for these positions will be conducted between March 19 and 21. The final campus slate will then be forwarded to the University Senates Conference.

Please submit your nominations by midnight on Thursday, March 13:


Subject: Faculty Nominations for Search Committee to Assist in the Selection of a President

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