Dear Students,

The Senate Committee on Committees is currently seeking applications from students who wish to serve on Senate committees for the 2014-2015 academic year. Senate committees are composed of faculty members, academic professionals, students and other ex officio members. The Committees are responsible for making decisions on educational offerings, athletics, inclusiveness, financial affairs, admissions, and general university policies. Membership on these committees provides our student body with a meaningful voice in the decisions that affect all facets of life on our campus, and valuable experience serving on a deliberative body. You do not need to be a student senator to serve.

For information on Academic Senate Committees, go to:

For information on the Military Education Council, go to:

Applications must be submitted by noon on Monday, April 14th. If you are interested in serving, please apply at the following link:

Thank you,

Student Committee on Committees Members

Anthony Fiorentino

Shao Guo

Rachel Heller

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