Dear Student,

The University of Illinois is pleased to offer online payment options.  Paying online is safe, secure and fast.  Payments made online will post to your student account immediately.  Please consider using our online payment options for future payments.

The University accepts both e-check and credit card payments online.  An e-check is an electronic withdrawal from a domestic (U.S.) checking or savings account.  If you are planning to make an e-check payment from another type of account (credit card, home equity line of credit or money market fund), please contact the company to verify that electronic check payments can be made.  The e-check option is free of charge.  Credit cards are also accepted for payment, and include MasterCard, American Express and Discover.  We DO NOT accept Visa.  All credit card transactions will be assessed a 2.4% convenience fee.

Students can access the online payment system through the University Student Financial Services website at and complete the steps below to make an online payment:

  •          Select the Pay My Bill icon
  •          Select appropriate link and log on
  •          Select appropriate options to view your student account
  •          Select Make Payment

Please do not reply to this email directly as this is an outgoing only email account.  All questions concerning this email should be sent to


Customer Service

University Student Financial Services and Cashier Operations

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