INCIDENT: Prank on the Quad

OCCURRED: October 22, 2014



Multiple reports of knife-wielding assailants on the University of Illinois campus this week proved to be nothing more than bad judgment by a pair of brothers from Urbana, Illinois. Responding to 911 calls from campus Wednesday night, University of Illinois police approached the two siblings, ages 31 and 26, who were decked out in full horror movie costumes and carrying fake knives. The brothers, who have no affiliation with the U. of I., conversed with students and brandished the phony knives during those encounters.  While the brothers told police they were out to “have fun,” officers explained their actions were alarming to students and were not taken lightly in consideration of the enhanced awareness surrounding campus safety. The brothers were issued trespassing notices and are subject to arrest for criminal trespass in the event they venture onto campus again. 

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