All faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to participate in “#manyvoices: A Campus Conversation on Diversity” this spring, through speaker series, college events, and campus-wide conversations.  The goal of the conversations is to ask ourselves how we can develop and sustain an inclusive Illinois; build bridges across differences on our campus; and think creatively about school spirit.  The speaker series will include national experts and scholars sharing their advice and expertise around the challenges and opportunities involving building inclusive communities.  Speakers include the following:

  • Erin McConahey (engineer with ARUP firm) on March 5, Illini Union 2nd floor Ballroom, 4pm
  • Prof. Terrell Strayhorn (Ohio State University) on March 10, Siebel Auditorium, 7pm
  • Prof. Derald Wing Sue (Teacher’s College Columbia) on March 17, NCSA Auditorium, 3pm
  • Prof. Stacy Harwood (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) on March 31, Spurlock Museum, 4pm
  • Prof. Anita Hill (Brandeis University) on April 9, Beckman Institute Auditorium, 4pm
  • Prof. Karen McDonald (University of California Davis) on April 16, NCSA Auditorium, 3pm

Each college/unit will also be hosting events for faculty, staff, and students.  In addition, there will also be campus-wide conversations. 

  • Graduate and professional students on March 30, Alice Campbell Ballroom, 11:30am
  • Undergraduate students on March 31 at SDRP, 7pm

Please come out to help lead the campus in developing a new vision for a welcoming and inclusive Illinois.

To learn more, please see or click here

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