The START myResearch team is excited to announce that myResearch Portal version 1.2 is now live. To access the portal, please go to

The myResearch Portal version 1.2 release includes the following enhancements:

  • View all individuals who have been paid on a selected grant from inception to date. In addition, users will be able to drill down and see all payroll transactions associated with that person.
  • Export the Financial Summary page to Excel.
  • The Delegates and Administrators page now supports searching for an individual by their UIN.

Existing Features:

  • Enable Principal Investigators to view all Pending Proposals, Pending Negotiations, Active Awards, Non-funded Proposals, Other Agreements, and Closed Awards.
  • Access summary financial data for a grant.
  • Agreement information related to an award including negotiator notes, agreement details, and associated documentation.
  • Current and Pending Support Download.
  • Access for Business Managers to generate a Current and Pending Support report for their investigators as well as view their proposals, awards, financial data, and award documentation.

For more information about START myResearch, please visit our website at  Please contact Youngwook Song at, or AJ Lavender at for any questions or comments.

Peter E. Schiffer
Vice Chancellor for Research, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Mitra Dutta
Vice Chancellor for Research, University of Illinois at Chicago


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