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The University of Illinois provides an optional Payment Plan which allows parents/students to spread payment of anticipated tuition, mandatory fees, room, and board expenses over a number of months. The deadline to enroll in a 12-month (6-Fall/6-Spring) Annual or a 6-month Fall 2015 Semester Only Payment Plan is June 27, 2015. The Payment Plan is an alternative option to the regular University payment policy and is administered by Nelnet Business Solutions. Student Accounts will not be assessed monthly late payment fees while enrolled in the Payment Plan. 


  • Any University of Illinois undergraduate, graduate, or professional school student, or the authorized payer of such student, is eligible to participate in the Payment Plan. 
  • Enrollment is not automatic for current participants. A student must be re-enrolled on a yearly (or semester) basis.
  • Your student account must be in good standing. Students with past due balances must contact USFSCO Customer Service to find out about alternative arrangements.
  • You must be willing to allow automatic withdrawals from your checking or savings account.
  • Only charges bill through Student Accounts Receivable are eligible to be included in your Payment Plan budget – a minimum budget of $500.00 is required.


  • $45 per semester or $75 annual nonrefundable enrollment fee (ACH)
  • $30 fee if a payment is returned


The online enrollment form for Payment Plan is available through the University Student Financial Services website at To access the online enrollment form, follow the steps below:


  • Select the Pay My Bill icon
  • Select appropriate link and log on
  • Select appropriate options to view your student account
  • Select Payment Plan from the menu options on the left and follow the instructions.

Authorized Payers

  • Select the Pay My Bill icon
  • Select Authorized Payer
  • Enter your Login Name and Password
  • Select Payment Plan from the menu options on the left and follow the instructions.

For additional information about the Payment Plan, please visit

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University Student Financial Services and Cashier Operations

Phone (217) 333-2180

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