Dear Campus Community,

The Election to Select a Search Committee to Advise the President on the Selection of a Chancellor concluded at 12:00 p.m. today. Elected members are listed below. The President will announce the Chair of the Search Committee after he has had time to communicate with the chair nominees.  Once the Search Committee Chair is announced, the Committee will be convened soon after.

CHAIR NOMINEES (President will select one as chair and the other will serve as a faculty member): Antoinette Burton (Liberal Arts & Sciences), William Maher (Library)

FACULTY: James D. Anderson (Education), Sara Benson (Law), Rebecca Ginsburg (Education), Steve Michael (Business), Faranak Miraftab (Fine & Applied Arts), Mark J. Rood (Engineering), Jay Rosenstein (Media)

STUDENTS: Kaylee Barron (Education-Graduate), Samuel LeRoy (Business), Paul D. Schmitt (Law-Professional)

ACADEMIC PROFESSIONAL: Darcy Sementi (Assistant Dean for MBA Programs)

DEAN/DIRECTOR: Arthur Kramer (Director, Beckman Institute)

STAFF: Leta Summers (Facilities & Services)

Gay Miller, Chair
Senate Executive Committee
Office of the Senate

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