Dear Students,

You’ve probably heard that some of your teachers are planning to strike this week. Many of you are asking what that means for your classes, your grades and – for those who are expecting to graduate this spring – the completion of your degrees.

Our priority is always protecting your educational interests to the best of our ability. We expect that most classes will be held during this strike. However, some of your teachers are represented by the Non-Tenure Faculty Coalition and they could choose not to teach their classes during a strike. In some cases the department might provide a substitute instructor for those days; in other cases the department might combine course sections or cancel the class. A few classes may be moved to classrooms in a different building.  If you get to a class and your instructor does not arrive, please check with the office of the department offering the class.

If you have any questions about a specific class, please contact your instructor or the department head for more information.

We will work hard to minimize the disruption of instruction. Please know we are committed to ensuring that you can make timely progress toward your degrees, meet your course objectives and receive your grades in a timely fashion.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to work with the union negotiators to reach an agreement.

Barbara Wilson
Interim Chancellor

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