Dear Faculty, Students and Staff:

The Non-Tenure Faculty Coalition (NTFC) has announced it will engage in another work-stoppage that may impact some classes for the remainder of the week. As with last week’s action, we expect that most classes will be held during this strike. We will try to minimize any disruptions.

For students, please be advised that in some cases the department may provide a substitute instructor for those days; in other cases it might combine course sections or cancel the class. A few classes may be moved to classrooms in a different building. If you have any questions about a specific class, please contact your instructor or the department head of the unit offering the course for more information.

We worked with the union bargaining team through the federal mediator for more than 10 hours today, with the provost present and involved throughout, except for two short periods when he had to attend other meetings. We made progress on several issues, ending with the delivery to the NTFC of a comprehensive proposal that was revised substantially from our initial proposals presented at the start of the day. We also agreed to hold mediation sessions on Friday morning and all day Tuesday to ensure continued progress. We appreciated the active work by the NTFC bargaining team throughout the day.

We regret the disruption another work stoppage will cause our students but we remain committed to arriving at a contract that is in the best interest of our university.


Barbara Wilson
Interim Chancellor

Edward Feser
Interim Provost

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