Dear campus community member:

We would like to inform you of a crime that has recently occurred in the campus area so you have the information you need to take the appropriate precautions. This Campus Safety Notice is issued in accordance with a federal law requiring universities to disclose information about crime to aid in the prevention of similar crimes and to assist in the identification of offenders.

This message alone is not necessarily an indication that crime rates on campus have increased or that a pattern of crime has emerged. For a more comprehensive look at crime in your area, download the Campus Safety Mobile Guide or visit the University of Illinois Police Department to view the daily crime log.

The University of Illinois Police Department was informed on Monday of two attempted robberies:

The Champaign Police Department informed the University of Illinois Police Department that a U. of I. student was approached around 8:45 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 14, on the sidewalk near Sixth Street and Springfield Avenue, Champaign (map), by three males. One of the offenders demanded money. The offenders made no indication that they had a weapon. The student took defensive action and the offenders fled on bicycles. Nothing was taken, and the student was unharmed.

A U. of I. student reported Monday that he was approached by three males on bicycles sometime around 8:45 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 14, while the student sat in a parked car near Coler Avenue and Main Street, Urbana (map). One of the offenders demanded money. When the student refused and motioned to call for help, one offender suggested it was a joke and all three rode away. Nothing was taken, and the student was unharmed. The three offenders appeared to be younger than college age.

These incidents are separate from the attempted robbery detailed in a Campus Safety Notice issued Sunday, but it is believed that the offenders in all three cases are the same people. Video footage of the individuals suspected to be involved in the incident of which you were informed last night can be viewed on the University of Illinois Police Department website.

The University of Illinois Police Department has a full complement of officers patrolling the campus area, and we are fortunate to have our force supplemented by the Urbana and Champaign police departments. Between these agencies, the Urbana campus is one of the most highly-patrolled areas in the region. More than 1,000 security cameras are posted around campus to deter crime and identify offenders.

Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to contact the University of Illinois Police Department at 217-333-1216. Witnesses may remain anonymous by calling Champaign County Crime Stoppers at 217-373-8477 (373-TIPS) or by visiting Anonymous tips may also be sent via text message by texting keyword "CCTIP" plus the information to 274637 (CRIMES).

This is our community. Let's stay together.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus is a very safe one, but a community of our size will never be crime-free. U. of I. Police and its partner law enforcement agencies work hard to prevent crime and to quickly identify and arrest offenders when crime occurs, but you play the most important role in keeping our campus community safe. 

  • Stay together. Do not walk alone at night. Travel in groups and in well-lit areas. Call 217-333-1216 for a SafeWalks escort if you need one, or download the app for iOS or Android.
  • Be alert, and trust your instincts. If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. Call police if something looks odd — we're happy to assist, and even the smallest bit of information could prevent another crime.
  • Watch out for each other. Call 911 immediately if you or someone else is in danger. The University encourages students to take appropriate action to protect others’ safety by reducing students’ fear of legal or disciplinary consequences to the victim or themselves. For more information, please review the Medical Amnesty and Good Samaritan procedures.
  • If you choose to consume alcohol, please be responsible. Remember your ability to respond is diminished by overconsumption of alcohol.

Please take a moment to review these resources we have made available to keep you informed, and consider liking UIPD on Facebook, following us on Twitter or subscribing to our news feed to receive regular updates.

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