Dear Student,

In response to recent reports of scams targeting student and employee direct deposit information, the University of Illinois reminds you of the following best practices for protecting your banking and other personally identifying information. 

University Student Financial Services and Cashier Operations (USFSCO) is solely responsible for billing your student account charges, providing you with payment options, and refunding any credit balance you might have.  USFSCO’s website ( provides detailed information on how to view your student account activity, make a payment, establish Authorized Payer(s), and enroll in direct deposit.  In addition to the information provided on our website, USFSCO works directly with students, parents wishing to make payment arrangements for student account charges. 

Carefully review the Scam Safety tips at to recognize and protect yourself when you are the possible target of a scam. Specific warning signs include:


  • Requests for your NetID and password – never provide any password to anyone for any reason, and never provide your NetId to anyone outside the University
  • Requests for your SSN and banking information – never provide your SSN or banking information to anyone or any website you don’t recognize and trust
  • Unsolicited invitations to pay via phone, wire transfer, credit and debit card, or check – always refer to USFSCO’s website or email for payment instructions
  • Offers of a tuition discount if you pay through a contractor, vendor or third party – University of Illinois authorizes no tuition discounts through third party payment vendors


Additional information about Phishing emails and how to identify a Phishing email can be found at

If you are a student employee you recently received a message regarding the UI Verify 2-Factor Authentication system to enroll or update direct deposit information.  Please note this email was an official notice from the University of Illinois and should be reviewed at your earliest convenience.

If you have questions on how to protect your banking and personally identifying information, pay your student account bill, or if you have been the victim of a scam, please contact USFSCO at



University Student Financial Services and Cashier Operations

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