Dear Colleagues, 

I am writing to remind you that our search for the Vice Chancellor for Advancement and the Senior Vice President of the University of Illinois Foundation is underway. Please follow this link for the position description and the leadership profile. 

The committee is charged with attracting a diverse pool of exceptional candidates and identifying and recruiting a qualified pool of finalists. The search is supported by the firm Witt/Kieffer.

I am asking for your help in identifying potential candidates for this important search. You may send nominations and suggestions to the search committee chair, any committee member, or Witt/Kieffer at

Thank you for your assistance with this process and for all you do for the University of Illinois.

Best wishes,

Robert J. Jones

Search Committee Members

Vikram Amar, Dean, College of Law

Matthew Ando, Professor and Chair, Department of Mathematics

German Bollero, Professor and Head, Department of Crop Sciences

Peter Constable, Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine (Chair)

Christy Devocelle, Senior Vice President/CFO, University of Illinois Foundation

Zachary Goines, Associate Director, Division of Intercollegiate Athletics

Marlah McDuffie, Associate Dean of Advancement, College of Media

William Sanders, Professor and Head, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


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