The University of Illinois System is implementing 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) to enhance and strengthen the protocols for securing sensitive data, including personal data for University employees. For more information on 2FA, please refer to “About UI Verify” at for an overview of Duo, the University’s 2FA provider.

2FA is currently being used to protect any changes made to Direct Deposit information from off-campus networks. Given the increased security benefits 2FA provides, we are expanding the scope of 2FA to include accessing 2016 W-2s and all personal information in NESSIE.

During the week of October 24, employees will receive more information from University Human Resources (UHR) about using 2FA with NESSIE. The University Office of Payroll and Benefits will send more information about using 2FA to access W-2s in November. In the future, 2FA will be required to conduct University business in systems that store and provide access to sensitive data, such as Banner, HR Front End, VPN, and email.

Please enroll in 2FA as soon as possible. All employees will soon need to use 2FA as part of logging into University of Illinois systems. The security of your personal identity information is important to the University of Illinois. Please follow the action identified in upcoming emails from UHR and Payroll & Benefits and use 2FA to protect your data.

Joe Barnes, Chief Privacy and Security Officer; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Clayton Bellot, Information Security Specialist; University of Illinois at Springfield
Ed Zawacki, Chief Information Security and Privacy Officer; University of Illinois at Chicago

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