As we prepare to welcome our students back to campus from winter break, please take a few moments to think about classroom safety. Our Division of Public Safety and Public Affairs have prepared the following resources to help you quickly explain safety/security procedures to your students on the first day of classes this semester.

  1. General Emergency Response Recommendations that can be attached to your syllabus, or for you to share with your students via email.

  2. A one-minute script “First-day announcement” to help you explain to your students – in person, during the first day of class – our emergency procedures.

  3. A brief “Run > Hide > Fight” video for you to play at the start of your first class this semester.

  4. Information about major campus buildings showing the location of the exits, storm refuge areas and areas of rescue assistance (if they exist).

Please include the general emergency response recommendations with your syllabi, and please take a few minutes on the first session of your classes to read the one-minute script and/or play the video, and to share with your students the floor plan for the building in which you are teaching.

We will let parents know that their students will be receiving emergency information from a variety of sources, and we’ll ask them to talk with their students to reinforce the messages we are sharing.

Thank you in advance for your help in reaching our campus community with this potentially life-saving information.

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