On August 23, the University of Illinois was the target of a phishing attack. The emails involved in this attack included attachments that pretended to either be a payment receipt or a fax message. In reality, both attachments were malware. If the attachments were opened they infected Windows computers. In many cases, the emails appeared to be sent from University of Illinois email accounts. 

If you opened either of these email attachments, Technology Services encourages you to run anti-malware software to confirm that your computer is not infected, and then update your passwords.

If you need further assistance, you can contact your local IT professional, contact the Technology Services Help Desk (217-244-7000 or consult@illinois.edu), or visit the Technology Services website for more information about this attack.

Technology Services has taken technical measures to make sure this particular phishing attack does not spread any further. 

Phishing attacks are a constant threat to our university. While Technology Services blocks millions of phishing emails from being delivered every day, no technical solution is foolproof. Therefore, it is important for everyone to be vigilant and aware of these kinds of threats. Do not open suspicious emails and email attachments, even if they arrive from names that you recognize. Simply delete suspicious messages.

Thank you, 

Joe Barnes
Chief Privacy and Security Officer
University of Illinois

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