Dear campus community,

In light of increasingly sophisticated attacks and the inadequacy of passwords alone as a cybersecurity defense, the university will widely implement two-factor authentication (2FA) for all graduate students, faculty, and staff this fall. To give everyone a chance to experience Duo 2FA as part of their normal daily routine, we invite you to pre-enroll now to see what the wider Duo 2FA experience looks like before it is required starting in October 2018.

Visit UIVerify to get more information about Duo 2FA or register for the first time.

Pre-enroll now to experience the wider Duo 2FA experience by completing the opt-in form at

Duo 2FA will cover many services such as Office 365, Webmail, Illinois Compass, U of I Box and other important offerings. Please visit for more information about this program, the timeline, its importance to our mission, and what it may mean for you.

We understand that adding the two-factor authentication step will be a change. Thank you for contributing to the solution and helping to make the university more secure.


Joe Barnes
Chief Privacy and Security Officer
Office of the CIO

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