Dear Colleagues,

I want to thank the Academic Senate for hosting the Oct. 29, 2018, Annual Meeting of the Faculty. President Killeen and I both appreciated the opportunity to share some of our perspectives on current events and offer some thoughts on opportunities for greater collaboration through our shared governance.

For those of you who were not able to attend, the presentations were recorded.  You can find the full text of my remarks and a link to the archived video here.

In something of a departure from previous years, I used this forum as an opportunity to open discussion with the Academic Senate around ways we might work more effectively in the intersection of shared priorities and shared governance. I also laid out a proposed legislative agenda that might serve as a starting point for these conversations together.

I hope you’ll consider taking some time to either view the video or to read the remarks. Your thoughts and feedback to me or to the leadership of the Academic Senate would be welcomed.

As I said in this speech, when we look at our best decisions at this university, those that stand out are the ones where we didn’t just talk about shared governance, but where we demonstrated exactly what it can - and should - look like for a world-class public university.


Robert J. Jones

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