Dear members of the campus community,

We want to inform you of an increase to University of Illinois parking rates for Fiscal Year 2020 (FY20), which begins July 1, 2019. This will be the first annual permit rate increase since 2012. This increase is necessary to keep pace with maintenance and construction costs associated with upkeep and improvement to parking infrastructure. Unfortunately, these expenses cannot be deferred by external funding. The Parking Department is exclusively self-funded, managing five parking structures and over 150 parking lots on campus. These necessary rate increases have been endorsed by the Parking Advisory Committee and approved by the chancellor.

We are sending you this message in advance of rate changes so you can make an informed decision on your parking needs, as well as provide departments the opportunity for budget planning.

Following are the changes you will see beginning FY20:

Faculty and Staff Virtual Parking Permits will increase from 0.8% to 0.9% of an individual’s annual base salary. Here are specific examples of how salary levels will be effected by the new rate structure:

SALARY                0.8%/year           0.9%/year           0.8%/month          0.9%/month

$30,000/year        $240                    $270                      $20.00                     $22.50

$50,000/year         $400                    $450                      $33.33                     $37.50

$70,000/year        $560                    $630                      $46.67                     $52.50

The salary-based permit rate will be capped at $745 annually. Individuals earning $82,777.77 a year and above will pay this capped rate, which represents a monthly increase of $9.58.

For employees in union-represented bargaining units, the rate changes will be implemented through the required collective bargaining process.

There will be increases in other permit types as well:

  • Faculty and Staff (E14, B22) and Student Shuttle (E14) Permits will increase from $127 per year to $143 in July 2019 and to $161 in July 2021.
  • University department rental spaces will increase in July 2019 from $1,980 to $2,228 and then to $2,475 in July 2021.
  • Event parking will increase from $300 to $350 in July 2019. Event Parking allows for unlimited parking for visitors (lots B04, B22, E14, F23, pending availability).
  • The parking meter rates will increase by $.25 per hour; from $1/hour to $1.25/hour in July 2023.

Parking staff members have been conducting presentations over the previous month to a variety of university councils and committees to further explain these rate changes and answer questions.


University of Illinois Parking Department

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