TO: All Staff
FROM: The S2P Executive Sponsorship Team
DATE: April 2, 2019
RE: Source2Pay (S2P) Program

The Source2Pay (S2P) project was kicked off in 2016 to analyze and improve university-wide purchasing procedures with the implementation of streamlined systems solution. The benefits of the S2P Project include:

  • Better access to price comparison and product information
  • Reduced time for procurement decisions (improved processing time)
  • Leverage best cost options
  • Greater efficiencies and reduced costs
  • Improved reimbursement and accounts payable processing, to include a shorter cycle time
  • Clarity on methods, tools, forms, policies, payments, and resources

S2P will focus on the following areas:

  • iBuy Optimization
  • Total Contract Manager (TCM)
  • Procurement Portal
  • Travel Reimbursement
  • Card Program

We are in the process of creating project plans, high-level timelines, and resource allocations for each of the five areas and as these plans are finalized, we will provide more information to you.

A website has been created to post communications and provide additional information as the project unfolds. To learn more about the S2P Program, visit

For specific questions, feel free to email the Change Management Team

Thank you,

The S2P Program Executive Sponsorship Team:

  • Mike Bass, Senior Associate Vice President and Deputy Comptroller, OBFS
  • Kelly Block, Associate Vice President, AITS
  • Mike DeLorenzo, Senior Associate Chancellor for Administration and Operations, UIUC
  • Avijit Ghosh, VP and Chief Financial Officer
  • Jerry Joseph, Associate Provost for Budget and Administrative Planning, UIS
  • Gloria Keeley, Assistant Vice President of BSS and Procurement Services, OBFS
  • Janet Parker, Associate Chancellor for Budget and Financial Administration, UIC
  • Brent Rasmus, Assistant Vice President and Controller, University System Office
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