Dear students, faculty, staff and friends:

I am happy to share the news that we have released our second set of Guiding Principles, adding an important new layer to the foundation of core values that define us.

The new Guiding Principles join three others adopted two years ago, building on the ideals that we hold most dear and expanding the touchstone that will guide our future. The three additions reflect our bedrock commitment to a culture of excellence rooted in integrity, to financial and environmental sustainability, and to fostering the healthy relationships that allow every member of our campus communities to flourish.

Those relationships are at the center of everything we do, and the new principles ensure that we never lose sight of our responsibility to nurture a spirit of inclusion where people of all races, cultures, backgrounds and faiths are respected and embraced. Our universities share a fundamental commitment to personal dignity, tolerance and a learning environment free of bias, prejudice or discrimination.  Our campuses work hard to provide a climate of understanding and acceptance, allowing students to follow their dreams in an educational setting that is free of bullying, harassment or sexual misconduct and without fear of anti-Semitism, Islamophobia or any other expression of hatred or division.

Like the inaugural set of Guiding Principles that laid out our position on free speech, globalization and immigration, and civic engagement, our latest principles were developed through a thoughtful, inclusive process. Hundreds of you helped shape them, including our Board of Trustees and faculty, staff, students and leadership from our universities and system offices.

The full set of six Guiding Principles is posted on our website and I hope you will take time to review them and incorporate their vision into your studies, your jobs and your lives. My thanks to everyone who shared their talents to reaffirm our unwavering commitment to serve the needs of students and the public good.



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