Fall 2020 Welcome
August 25, 2020 10:02 AM

Dear students, faculty and staff:

I hope you enjoy this short video welcoming all of you to a new academic year across the University of Illinois System.

This year, it is even more than a thank you to students for entrusting us with their future, and to our faculty and staff for sharing their talents to guide them. It also reflects my deep gratitude for the creativity and hard work that brought our campuses back to life, and my confidence that we will all do our part to ensure the success of our new normal. Together, we can make our universities an example for others to follow, and write a new chapter that will be forever remembered in the U of I System’s long, rich history.

Whether you are returning this fall or joining us for the first time, I wish you a year of fulfillment that reaffirms the hopes and dreams that led you here.




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