Teams Transition Postponed to July 2023, FERPA Reminders
April 20, 2023 11:17 AM

Skype to Teams Transition Postponed to July 2023

The transition from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams for phone calls, originally scheduled for May 17, is postponed until the week of July 10, 2023. Microsoft is retiring Skype for Business, hence the need to transition to Microsoft Teams. The decision to postpone the transition was made to allow for further testing of critical groups to ensure full functionality and to allow units additional time to secure devices.

What can I do to prepare for the transition? 

• Talk to your local IT Pros about installing Microsoft Teams

• Stay up to date on the project timeline

• Register for Teams training courses, Beginner’s Guide to Teams and Create Your First Team

Microsoft 365 FERPA Compliance

A reminder that the following changes go into effect May 17:

  • Only U of I Box can be integrated into Microsoft Teams. Other cloud services, such as Google Drive, can still be used, but cannot be integrated into Microsoft Teams
  • Customers cannot add any new unapproved applications to Microsoft Teams. Any apps integrated prior to May 17 will continue to work during a review process, but may be disabled in the future.

Learn more on the Microsoft 365 FERPA Compliance Effort web page.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact the Technology Services Help Desk at or by creating a Tech Request.

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