Condemning racist messages this week
April 14, 2023 3:22 PM

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

Earlier this week, we learned of a series of hateful, racist messages in response to an openly available, widely publicized survey that was posted by a group of our students. These responses, some of which have since been shared on various social media channels, contain detestable language and reports of threatening actions against all members of our Black community. Seeing such vitriolic expressions using language that is rooted solely in hatred, bigotry and intolerance is unsettling to all of us.

We have heard from many who saw some of these messages posted online and are understandably upset by the content. We have not received any reports from anyone in our campus community who received a direct threat of violence that was indicated in the survey, but if you receive such threats, you should call 911. If you view additional hateful, racist messages online, we encourage you to share these incidents with Campus Belonging at Additionally, counseling and other resources of support are available at

We strive to foster a community where everyone has the opportunity to learn and thrive in a welcoming and safe environment. We condemn these messages that are yet another divisive affront to our mutual values of respect and tolerance. We value and celebrate all members of our university community, and we ask that you join us in rejecting and condemning these messages.


Robert J. Jones

Sean Garrick
Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Danita M. Brown Young
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

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