Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

Thank you!

That sums up everything else we will say in this note.

Thank you for your patience, your hard work, your creativity and the care you have demonstrated in these intense and difficult times.

In a matter of days, you have stepped up in an exemplary way to allow us to continue to move forward delivering on our missions in a world that feels like it has been turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This has put new demands on every single member of this university family.

Most of you have had to relocate where you work or study and to rethink how you engage with one another.

A number of you have been challenged to find new, safe ways to perform the essential services on our campus that all of us depend upon.

And all of us are doing our best in learning how to live and work together in a time when the health and safety of our communities depends on our personal separation from each other.

We understand how enormously difficult this has been. Operationally, we had a very good first week in these unprecedented times. But as we adjust to these extraordinary circumstances, we also ask that you all take the time you need to think about and address your emotional and mental wellness. We have support resources for students and for our staff and faculty. We encourage you to call upon these resources without hesitation.

We often say that the people who come through this university regularly do things that require the world to redefine “impossible.” You have proven that to be true once again.

At the beginning of this semester, “impossible” is exactly how most would have described what you all, working together, accomplished last week.

Wherever you might be reading this today, we thank you.

Robert J. Jones

Andreas C. Cangellaris
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost

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