Halloween weekend
October 27, 2020 10:02 AM

Dear students,

I know this semester has not been easy. We are all facing pandemic fatigue, and many of us are tired of living lives restricted by COVID-19. But just because we feel that way doesn’t mean the threat isn’t still real and pervasive.

I’m writing to remind you to continue to make choices that maximize the safety of our entire community this Halloween weekend. I encourage you to only participate and celebrate in ways that are safe and in compliance with university and CUPHD guidance. Student Affairs has planned some events, and you can view them here.

  • Any students who host or attend gatherings that violate state or local health and safety requirements are subject to student discipline. Since the beginning of the semester, more than 1,000 students have faced discipline, including dismissals for violations of COVID-19 policies.
  • Please continue to report parties that exceed authorized size limits or other unsafe actions through this web form or by emailing conflictresolution@illinois.edu when you become aware of them.
  • Please do not travel. The vigilance you show by staying on-campus will result in long-term gains for you and our entire campus community. The health and safety of each student, faculty and staff member is vital to our ability to finish the semester strong.

I’d also like to remind you to celebrate respectfully without engaging in inappropriate misrepresentations of cultures and minoritized communities. Avoid costumes that perpetuate cultural stereotypes, especially when it’s not your own culture. Avoid dressing in items that might be described as "ethnic,” such as sombreros and ponchos, Native American headdresses, turbans and kimonos. It is also important to note that Blackface and Brownface are regarded as racist and insensitive.

Be considerate and refrain from making light of struggles many communities endure, such as deportation, genocide and sexual assault. Further, struggles such as homelessness or mental illness are harsh realities for many, not costumes to be taken on and off at will. Remember, although you may think it's just a costume or that you're exercising your right to freedom of expression, for many people, it's a trivialization of their culture.

We are so proud of your leadership this semester. Let’s keep progressing forward by making safe and smart decisions this weekend that respect our entire community.


Dr. Danita M. B. Young
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

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