Asking for your help in adjusting testing schedules
September 4, 2020 6:19 PM

Dear Faculty, Staff and Graduate and Professional Students,

As you know, we have intensified our efforts to identify and swiftly remove those individuals who have created unacceptable risk for our campus and community and who have undermined your hard work to stay together.

Today, we are asking for your help to ensure we can continue on-campus operations.

We need to reduce the time it takes to return COVID-19 test results. So, if you are willing to test this Saturday or Sunday and then continue to test on a Wednesday-weekend schedule, you can help relieve overwhelming demand on the processing center on the highest-demand days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday). Several testing locations across campus are open over the holiday weekend.

With this small modification in testing scheduled, we can even the flow of testing throughout the week and make our program stronger for everyone.

We continue to improve and innovate in our multi-faceted approach, and we are grateful for your assistance in making it even better and getting testing results to everyone faster.

Thank you for your continued patience and personal leadership as we move forward.


Mike DeLorenzo
Senior Associate Chancellor for Administration and Operations
Chair, COVID-19 Executive Steering Committee on Return to On-Campus Operations

Matthew Tomaszewski
Executive Associate Provost for Capital Planning
Vice Chair, COVID-19 Executive Steering Committee on Return to On-Campus Operations

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Office of the Chancellor

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