ISG Response Regarding Zoombombing
April 16, 2020 2:50 PM

Dear Illini,

As we transition into a new phase of education in an online environment, we are all learning to navigate the new challenges that come with learning outside of a traditional classroom setting. One of these new challenges includes preventing and handling disruptions in virtual classrooms, meetings, and events—all of which have been witnessed in the Illini community. These disruptions can often be harmful to those who experience them.

Despite good faith efforts by all members of our community to acclimate to this new digital environment, we are still faced by acts of hate targeted at the most marginalized members of our community. This was particularly present on Monday, March 30th, when a group of individuals invaded a Zoom-based I-Connect workshop and displayed antisemitic imagery alongside shouting of violent antisemitic, racist and misogynistic language at the participants and facilitator staff on the Zoom meeting.

While this incident is a clear example of antisemitism, racism and misogyny, it is unfortunately not the first example of this type of violence exhibited at this University. This incident follows a pattern of acts of hate that have been exhibited in our community that have often gone unacknowledged, both by University administration and by our own Student Government. We recognize, first and foremost, the harms that have been done to members of our community through this inaction, and we seek to prioritize the needs of members of our community who have been targeted by this type of harassment. The Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Relations has released a statement regarding recent Zoombombings as well as actions that have been taken since. You can view the statement here:

While it is impossible to undo the pain that incidents like this inflict on those who are targeted, it is our responsibility as student representatives to work to mitigate it as much as possible. We write today with resources that we hope will help you to find community, strength, and comfort during this time.


It is all of our responsibility to ensure that we all feel safe not only in our physical classrooms on campus, but everywhere we are engaged as members of the University of Illinois community. We hope that you will use and share these resources as they are needed and that all of us will be generous with one another as we grapple with these acts of hate.


The Committee on Diversity & Inclusion
Illinois Student Government

Connor Josellis
Student Body President

Jack Langen
Student Body Vice-President

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